The Royalists at Sea in 1648

By R C Anderson, published February 1923


The appointment by Parliament in 1648 of Thomas Rainborowe, a republican, as Vice Admiral triggered a mutiny in May in the English Channel, and 11 ships left to join the Royalists in Holland. In August, off Shoeburyness, 18 Royalist ships commanded by the Prince of Wales outnumbered the 12 of the Earl of Warwick for Parliament, but the expectation of reinforcements from Portsmouth and the Royalists’ dwindling supplies prevented engagement. By the end of the year, six of the original 11 mutineers were back with Parliament but the Royalist fleet, now commanded by Prince Rupert of Bavaria, remained considerable.

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Filed under: English Civil War | English Channel
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Strategy & Diplomacy

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