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Naval Photographs

By Oscar Parkes

This is a description by the author of his collection of naval photographs of vessels from many countries dating fom the 1860s to the 1930s. His archive was derived from many sources, and many are now lodged in the Imperial War Museum or the Admiralty Library. Uniquely placed as the official Director of Naval Photos at the Imperial War Museum, Parkes was responsible for the copying and thus saving of thousands of original images which would… Read More

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Three Jacobean Warships: Anne Royal, Red Lion and Repulse

By Oscar Parkes

This article examines the various representations of Jacobean vessels, and attempts to identify the distinguishing features of each. The illustrations were all done for different purposes, at different times and without attached notes, so there must often be caution in ascribing precise details to one vessel rather than another. Read More

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