A Naval Sidelight in the 1812 War with America

By A.J. Pack, published August 1987


Describes naval and troop operations in and around Cumberland Island off southern Georgia in January 1815 lead by Read Admiral George Cockburn.  As the peace negotiations in Ghent were drawing to a close, Cockburn collected several battalions of Royal Marines throughout the region, occupied Cumberland Island and began to harass coastal Georgia and South Carolina in a diversionary effort to draw American forces away from New Orleans where Admiral Alexander Cochrane was preparing to support a military assault.  To Cockburn’s frustration, his activities were curtained following success of the Ghent negotiations, but not until after the well-known communication delay resulting in Andrew Jackson’s victory at New Orleans after peace had been concluded.

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Filed under: Atlantic | War of 1812
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics

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