A Note on South Vietnamese Basket Boats

By Robert F. Cairo, published May 1972


Basket boats, of a great variety of forms and sizes, can be seen on every freshwater of Vietnam. The paper deals on the ones seen by the author in 1969, even he recognizes that he only saw a short sample of all available there. He explains that the most of them are made of bamboo, duly woven, but in some cases other woods are also employed. They are caulked inside and outside, with a mix of oil and cattle dung, as it is remembered by James Hornell and other authors. The paper details a great variety of boats, showing their forms, structures, sails, and other details, with a remarkable precision and drawings.

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Filed under: Other (Twentieth C) | Internal Waterways
Subjects include: Leisure & Small Craft | Shipbuilding & Design

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