Aberystwyth Fishing Boats: Introduction and History

By R.J.H. Lloyd, published May 1955



Fishing, particularly for herring, was the main occupation of Aberystwyth from at least 800 years ago. Many of the boats were locally built. Using mainly secondary sources the development of fishing in the port is traced up to its peak in about 1900. Fishing with drift nets was common, and later, larger (trawlers) were found up to 30 tons, but few were built locally. The design of the smaller boats is described, with plans in some cases, and the fishermen’s organization is also covered. The decline of the industry is ascribed variously to over-fishing, river pollution, and the availability of more congenial shore-based occupations.

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Filed under: Irish Sea | Other (Nineteenth C)
Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design | Whaling & Fishing

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