Admiral Ballard’s Memoirs Part IV Greenwich, Excellent, Vernon and Hecla 1882–84

By Admiral George Ballard, CB, published August 1976


This covers the years 1882 to 1884. For the first year Admiral Ballard, then an Acting Sub Lieutenant, was undergoing training courses at Royal Naval College, Greenwich, and on board the hulks Vernon and Excellent, moored in Portsmouth Harbour. In October 1883 he was appointed to HMS Hecla, a torpedo and mine depot and store ship, as a Sub lieutenant. The memoir ends on his promotion to Acting Lieutenant and joining HMS Temeraire at Malta in April 1884. Includes opinions on both training and promotion and reminiscences of meeting General Sir Duncan Macgregor.Greenwich, HM Ships Excellent, Vernon and Hecla, 1882 -84.   Sub-Lieutenants’ courses, mathematics and Navigation, Gunnery and Torpedo.  Anecdotes of Gen. Sir Duncan Macgregor with Napoleon I on Elba, and fire at sea on HEICS Kent and letter in bottle, from Indian Ocean to West Indies.  Instruction in guns in Excellent – still muzzle-loading rifles.

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Filed under: Mediterranean | Other (Nineteenth C)
Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Navies | Weapons

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