Admiral the Honourable Sir George Elliott

By Rear-Admiral A.H. Taylor, published November 1949


The author quotes extensively from a memoir written by Sir George Elliott in 1855 which was made available by the Marquess of Northampton, his great-grandson and SNR member. He also cross-references with occasional quotations from other contemporary sources. Elliott had a long, varied and successful naval career, starting with the blockade of Toulon in 1795 and ending with the First China War of 1841. He was at the battles of St Vincent, the Nile and Copenhagen although, as the author comments, he shared in great events but missed playing a great part in them. Ashore, he later became briefly involved in ship design and also served at the Admiralty. Unfortunately the effects of tropical illness contracted in Java in 1811 appear never to have left him.

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Filed under: Atlantic | Napoleonic War | Baltic | War of 1812 | English Channel | Opium Wars | French Revolution | Mediterranean | Indian Ocean | Other (location)
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Biography | Manpower & Life at Sea | Shipbuilding & Design

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