The Admiralty Part III

By Sir Oswyn A.R. Murray G.C.B., published August 1937


The Restoration of Charles II revived the old system of naval administration, as the re-establishment of the Navy Board, conferring it to his brother the Duke of York; and the covering of some posts with men of great loyal services, as Samuel Pepys. Pepys became the most valuable member, reached the rank of Secretary of the Navy and participated in the main reforms of the Navy, as the transformation of the untrained officers into a body of permanent men with very high qualifications, through an efficient system of training. The powers of the Duke of York (1660-1673), declined after interference from Charles II. The article finishes with the explanation of Pepys’s documents, and a detailed review of facts, including the conversion of the Navy Board into Board of Admiralty (1679) and the main happenings of the new Body, together with the events of Pepys’s life.

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