Arctic Sledge Travelling by Officers of the Royal Navy, 1819–49

By Richard J. Cyriax, published May 1963


Credit: NMM PAG8016

Royal Navy officers played a key role in nineteenth century exploration of the Arctic and for a north-west passage. Early developments in sledges have been overshadowed by the later improvements introduced by Lt. (later Admiral Sir) Francis M’Clintock. This article considers the early developments by explorers including William Parry, John Ross and his nephew James Cark Ross, G.F. Lyon, George Black, John Franklin, Edward Bird and H. T. Austin. The author considers the early expeditions using sledges, with and without Eskimo dogs, the design and construction of sledges, the provisioning, clothing and routines adopted by the expeditions and their achievements.

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Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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