Armada Guns: A Comparative Study of English and Spanish Armaments Part II The Guns of the Queen’s Ships 1569-99

By Michael Lewis, published May 1942


In Part II of his study Michael Lewis considers the armament carried by the Queen’s Ships. His studies are complicated by the lack of specific information from the year 1588, he therefore builds his thesis with reference to lists of armament from before and after the Armada date. Starting with “Sir William Wynter’s Proportion” of 1569, a document detailing the rearming of the Queen’s Ships with brass guns, he continues with Ordnance Reports from 1576, 1585, 1586 and the 1586 Report on “Armament for New Ships”. The 1589 report on “Stores and Arms Received”, together with the 1595 “Vieu and Survey” and the 1599 Navy List provide the conformation that armament remained fairly constant throughout the period and a reasonable estimate of the number and size of the guns carried can be made.

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Subjects include: Navies | Weapons

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