Armada Guns: A Comparative Study of English and Spanish Armaments Part III The Queen’s Ships in July 1588

By Michael Lewis, published August 1942


This article is the third comprising an extensive and meticulous study of the guns on board the ships on both sides when the English encountered the Spanish Armada in July 1588. This part of the study provides a detailed estimate of the gun-power of the 34 ‘Queen’s Ships’, drawing on evidence from lists of both proposed and actual numbers and types of guns on board, including from documents dating well before and after 1588. The main thesis of the author’s study is that if the English gun beat the Armada, it was the favoured culverin-type that did it. Range was key to the English superiority, not numbers or size of guns.

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Filed under: Tudors | English Channel | The Armada
Subjects include: Weapons

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