Armada Guns: A Comparative Study of English and Spanish Armaments Part V The Guns of the Spanish Fleet, 1588

By Michael Lewis, published February 1943


This is Part 5 of a series comparing the size and number of guns present on ships that took part in the Armada. Dealing with the guns of the Spanish Fleet, the author concludes that (a) that the gun-power of the Spanish Armada, when compared with that of the English Fleet, was very weak in the long-ranged, light-shotted group of guns; and (b) that in both heavy-shotted medium-range pieces, and in medium-shotted shortrange pieces, the Spaniards had an advantage over the English. The overall conclusion he draws is that the Spaniards were three times as strong as the English in ‘cannons’, and over seven and a half times as strong in ‘periers’

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Filed under: Tudors | English Channel | The Armada
Subjects include: Weapons

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