The Arrival of the White Man in the Eastern Seas

By G.A. Ballard, published August 1924


The article provides a detailed narrative of the first voyages of Bartolomeo Diaz to the Cape of Good Hope in 1486 and of Vasco da Gama in 1497, past the Cape to Mozambique and then on to Calicut on the Western Coast of India. The challenges of the voyages are compared and contrasted with those of Columbus and others who sailed westwards. The author also notes the differences between the territorial conquests undertaken by the Spanish in the Americas and the Portuguese development of a commercial presence in the Indian Ocean despite opposition from the already established Arabic and other shipping concerns there. The different impact of these factors on the experiences of the seafarers involved is also briefly covered.

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Filed under: High Middle Ages | Indian Ocean
Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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