An Artist’s Notes at the Battle of the Nile

By Louis Paul , published August 1914


A description of the pencil sketches of the Battle of the Nile, as he saw it, drawn by a Col. Fawkes of the 4th West Yorks Regiment of Militia on 1st August 1798 and succeeding days, as appearing in three sketchbooks originally owned by marine artist William Anderson of Chapel Street, Edgware and now in the possession of the author. His ships are well and carefully drawn, most of them with a distinguishing numeral which enables us (with the accompanying key) to identify them. He also gives us four plans of the action, a statement of the damage to each ship in the two fleets at the time L’Orient blew up, and a detailed record of the individual hull paint colours of all the ships engaged.

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Filed under: Nelson | French Revolution | Mediterranean
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies

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