The Battle of Jutland – An Appreciation Given at the Annual Jutland Dinner in HMS Warrior on 25 May 1978

By Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten , published May 1980


The Earl Mountbatten joined the Royal Navy’s Battle Cruiser Fleet six weeks after the Battle of Jutland. His 1978 address to the annual Jutland Dinner analyses the course and consequences of the Battle, including the Fleet’s comparative weakness against enemy fire. The address draws on personal observations and on presentations by Jellicoe, Sir Charles Morgan and others, to assert that the British position was affected by poor internal communication and by flaws in cruiser design, including inadequate anti-flash arrangements, poor armour and the limited effectiveness of their armour-piercing shells.

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Filed under: WW1 | North Sea | Jutland
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies | Shipbuilding & Design

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