Blake and the Defence of Lyme Regis

By Rev. J.R. Powell, published November 1934


Sea power and the ability to supply by sea was key to Parliament’s success in holding out at the siege of Lyme Regis against numerically much stronger Royalist troops led by Prince Maurice. An account of the siege from the diary of Edward Drake, a civilian member of the garrison, provides an excellent description of the siege and military details are supplied by the Diurnal of Colonel Were and the letters of the Earl of Warwick. From these it is possible to reconstruct the siege from day to day, and to gain an invaluable picture of this side of the fighting in the Civil War. Robert Blake was instrumental in the defence of the town, and the experience stamped the lesson of sea power on his mind informing the sea career that he embarked on 6 years later, and by which his name is ever to be remembered.

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