Book Review – ‘A Century of Sea Travel: Personal accounts from the steamship era’ by Christopher Deakes and Tom Stanley

By Bruce Peter, published October 2020


The publicity material distributed by steamship lines during the ‘golden age’ of liner travel remains aesthetically highly potent. Typical images of large white passenger ships majestically aloof at anchor in tropical settings, surrounded by palm fronds and fore-grounded by the local vernacular retain a mystique and a romantic allure, while also speaking of privilege and of a lost imperial world order, centred on Europe’s ‘Great Powers.’ Deakes, a former shipping agent, and Stanley, an architect, are avid collectors of shipping postcards and ephemera and, as with this reviewer, they find fascination not only in the images on the faces of the postcards they have collected, but also the messages written on their reverse sides as well….

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Filed under: Atlantic | English Channel | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century
Subjects include: Ocean Liners & Passenger Craft

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