Book Review – ‘A Dog Before A Soldier: Almost-lost episodes in the US Navy’s Civil War’ by Chuck Veit

By Howard Fuller, published October 2020


Although the tales here are old, there are several elements to this curious, enjoyable little work that are actually quite new. For one, it is selfpublished (through – a website.) The author is also a Civil War re-enactor—but proudly the founder of the US Naval Landing Party, ‘one of the few living history groups to portray the sailors and marines of the American Civil War’ as well as the president of the Navy & Marine Living History Association. Its purpose is the same as this book: to remind everyday Americans that the greatest conflict in their history, rising up in memory more than usual lately thanks to its sesquicentennial, was not just about soldiers fighting a land war. In many respects, the Civil War was also the greatest naval war of the nineteenth century; more Brown Water than the Napoleonic Wars, more Blue Water than the Crimean War. Yet these are fine points which A Dog Before A Soldier does not venture into….

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