Book Review – ‘A History of the Royal Navy: The Seven Years War’ by Janet Macdonald

By Janet Macdonald, published November 2020


Martin Robson is the author of the latest in the ‘A History of the Royal Navy’ series, published by the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which aims to give an overview of the role of the navy in wider history. This edition is perhaps best described as an extended precis of previous works on the subject, as the bibliography and notes show. Some of these are classics, such as Baugh’s The Global Seven Years War, others more recent, such as McLeod’s British Naval Captains of the Seven Years War: The view from the quarterdeck. That said, however, it is only fair to say that it is a well-written synopsis, and does have some good maps.

Even if it offers a solid overview of these works, one wonders what readership it is aimed at: it is a bit too academic for the general reader, and the serious naval history student can be expected to have read the originals. Perhaps it will sell well at such places as the bookshop of the National Maritime Museum, and at the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy

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