Book Review-‘Allied Coastal Forces, vol. 1: Fairmile Designs and US Submarine Chasers’ by J. Lambert and A. Ross

By Aidan Dodson, published December 2020


Before his death in 2016, John Lambert had published, in conjunction with Al Ross, two of the volumes of a planned trilogy on vessels of the Allied coastal forces, which appeared respectively in 1990 and 1993 from Conway Maritime Press; the third volume never appeared, although investigations are being made as to whether sufficient material survives for it to be completed and published. The two extant volumes have now in any case been republished by Seaforth, which has a commendable programme of making important, but long out-of-print, books once again available. Although a new dust-jacket has been provided, the volume to hand is essentially a straight reprint of the original, rather than a redesigned version as has been the case with some recent Seaforth re-issues…

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Filed under: Interwar | WW2
Subjects include: Weapons

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