Book Review – ‘Art as a Tool in Support of the Understanding of Coastal Change in Wales’ by Peter Wakelin

By Peter Wakelin, published October 2020


The evidential use of historical images is the subject of this report, written by a geologist and an engineer interested in their applications to assess coastal change prior to scientific coastal monitoring. Formerly a coastal manager on the Isle of Wight, Robin McInnes has been commissioned by the Crown Estate to write a series of regional reports highlighting the use of art to inform integrated coastal zone management. This volume, with co-author Sarah Benstead, covers the coast of Wales, which drew landscape artists by the hundreds in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Others have been published for Scotland, East Anglia and Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

While the possibility of consulting historical visual sources might be novel to some coastal managers, that is unlikely to be so for readers of The Mariner’s Mirror. Nevertheless, this publication is a reminder of the quality of imagery to be exploited and may encourage historians to think again about how they can apply it to their own studies, as some inspiring images are included …

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Subjects include: Archaeology | Art & Music | Miscellaneous

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