Book Review – ‘Battle of Dogger Bank: The first Dreadnought engagement, January 1915’ by Eric Grove

By Eric Grove, published October 2020


Dogger Bank was the first engagement between capital ships of the Dreadnought generation. It was fought in the North Sea in January 1915, between Rear-Admiral Hipper’s Erste Auklarungsabteilung and Vice Admiral Beatty’s Battle Cruiser Fleet, both the vanguards of their respective battle fleets. The Germans were out to deal with North Sea trawlermen whom they suspected as intelligence gatherers. Their projected sortie had been discovered by British signals intelligence and Beatty was sent to intercept.

A new monograph on the battle has been published in the ‘Twentieth Century Battles’ series produced by Indiana University Press. Its author is Tobias R. Philbin, a former US intelligence officer and biographer of Admiral Hipper. He is now Adjunct Professor of Information Assurance at the Graduate School of Management and Technology University of Maryland, and has also taught at the Virginia Military Institute and the US Naval War College at Newport.

The most valuable part of the book is the important work on the German navy, which provides new perspectives and knowledge of the personalities involved on the High Sea Fleet side of the battle. Sadly, the analysis on the British side has its flaws …

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