Book Review-‘Battleship ‘Warspite’: Detailed in the original builders’ plans’ by R. Brown

By Michael Leek, published December 2020


The vast collection of ships draughts and other plans held by the National Maritime Museum (NMM) was first introduced to this reviewer by the late David Lyon in the 1960s. This was in the days when the excellent reading room of the Caird Library and draughtroom were open on Saturdays. During my early visits, David went through various aspects of the collection, carefully and patiently explaining how to use the then still incomplete catalogue. It was a rare experience to be able to examine and study original draughts from different periods, not the least being able to see first-hand the different levels of draughtsmanship, some of it exquisitely executed. Of particular fascination were the so-called Admiralty ‘as fitted’ drawings, showing ships at approximately the point of entering service, often with numerous additions and corrections made during, or added later, a ship’s service career…

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Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration

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