Book Review – ‘Belfast Shipbuilders: A Titanic tale’ by Stephen Cameron; ‘Belfast Built Ships’ by John Lynch; ‘The Shipyard Apprentice’ by William Scott

By Martin Bellamy, published October 2020


For many years anyone wanting to study shipbuilding in Belfast had to rely on two, admittedly excellent, books: Hume and Moss’s definitive history of Harland & Wolff, Shipbuilders to the World (1986), and David Hammond’s wonderful evocation of shipyard characters, Steelchest, Nail in the Boot and the Barking Dog (1986). This gave readers both an official top-down company history and its counterpart looking from the bottom up. Kevin Johnston’s deeply flawed In the Shadows of Giants (2008) added little of value, but another small clutch of books has now been added which helps to shed more light on this fascinating story….

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Filed under: Irish Sea | Eighteenth Century | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century
Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards | Ocean Liners & Passenger Craft | Shipbuilding & Design

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