Book Review-‘Black Swan Class Sloops: Detailed in the original builder’s plans’ by L. Brown

By David Andrews, published January 2021


This is a beautifully produced book, the sixth in the series by Seaforth Publishing of significant warships of the first half of the last century. All the earlier books by different authors could be said to be of major warships (from the famous HMS Warspite, of Jutland and Second World War fame, to the German 1909 Dreadnought, SMS Helgoland), whereas this book’s subject is a broad class of much smaller warships, the Black Swan and the Modified Black Swan classes of sloops. The significance of the choice of this set of ships in the series lies with their pivotal role in the most crucial campaign of the Second World War, the one that could not be lost and also the one that ensured the Second World War was secured: the Battle of the Atlantic. HMS Starling (Modified Black Swan) was probably the most famous actual ASW escort of the war (perhaps second to Nicholas Monserrat’s fictional ‘Flower’ Class corvette, Compass Rose, in the film The Cruel Sea). HMS Starling was the command of Captain F. J. Walker, RN, who led the most successful of the North Atlantic escort groups. As Les Brown says, Starling herself was credited with destroying 14 U-boats, making her the most successful of all ASW vessels. That six ships of the class of 31 in the combined two classes were lost indicates the price of the campaign to the victors…

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