Book Review-‘Bloody Sixteen: The USS ‘Oriskany’ and the Air Wing 16 during the Vietnam War’ by P. Fey

By Ben Jones, published December 2020


This book is a first-class addition to the historiography of the role played by naval aviation during the Vietnam War. Peter Fey has catalogued the operations of the USS Oriskany and Carrier Air Wing 16 in meticulous detail throughout their three tours between 1965 and 1968. Not only is the reader drawn into a gripping account of the air war, but also this is neatly interwoven into the wider political and cultural events that surrounded Operation Rolling Thunder. The title Bloody Sixteen refers to the heavy losses suffered by Carrier Air Wing 16 that lost 61 aircraft in combat (plus more than 100 due to operational losses) out of the 382 aircraft lost in combat by the United States Navy during Rolling Thunder

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Filed under: Post WW2
Subjects include: Naval Aviation

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