Book Review:- ‘Boatlines: Scottish craft of sea, coast and canal’ by I. Stephen

By Marc Chivers, published December 2023


It is easy to forget in today’s road-based society that, until recent times, the transportation of goods and people went coastwise. As we all know, the seaward facing coastal communities which make up the fringe of the United Kingdom built and used boats that suited their purposes for transportation of people, goods, subsistence fishing, commercial fishing and, latterly, for recreational use. It was therefore a pleasure to be taken on a journey around Scotland’s coastline by Ian Stephen in Boatlines, which immerses the reader within these communities where boats, boatbuilding and making a living from the sea were central to everyday life…

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Filed under: Atlantic | North Sea
Subjects include: Ship Handling & Seamanship | Shipbuilding & Design

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