Book Review-‘British Naval Weapons of World War Two: The John Lambert Collection, vol. 1: Destroyer Weapons’ by N. Friedman (ed.)

By Aidan Dodson, published December 2020


John Lambert died in 2016, having produced a significant number of works on naval history, including an unfinished study of Allied coastal forces (the reprint of the first volume of which is reviewed in the present issue). His principal project still ‘on the stocks’ was an encyclopedia of weapons carried by British warships of destroyer size and above; the present tome represents the first of two volumes that utilize the material he left behind to make it a reality.

As is explained in an appreciation of Lambert at the beginning of the book, together with a following publisher’s note, Lambert left behind most of the extensively annotated large-scale drawings that were to form the core of the intended work, but seems never to have begun the task of producing a ‘capping’ text that would place them in context. This, together with ordering and editing, has now been provided by the ubiquitous Norman Friedman, whose two-volume work on British destroyers in many ways acts as a companion to the result…

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Subjects include: Weapons

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