Book Review-‘British Naval Weapons of World War Two: The John Lambert Collection, vol. 2, Escort and minesweeper weapons’ by N. Friedman (ed.)

By Aidan Dodson, published October 2020


This volume represents the second of two publishing drawings left behind by the late John Lambert, who died in 2016. The first volume covered weapons installed in British destroyers; the present one covers principally those of escort vessels and minesweepers. It additionally includes a group of drawings of a number of weapons employed in larger warships that were also found in Lambert’s portfolio.

As with the first volume, the material has been organized by Norman Friedman, who has also provided an Introduction. This comprises an extensively-illustrated account of British sloops, frigates, corvettes and minesweeping vessels between the 1920s and the end of the Second World War. These include both navy- built units and fishing vessels taken up from trade. As is usual with Friedman’s work, the photographs are provided with extended captions, in this case highlighting the equipment that forms the basis of this book. As well as the ships themselves, categories of equipment and strategy and tactics are also covered, with a particular extensive discussion of mine warfare…

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Subjects include: Weapons

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