Book Review-‘Brunels’s Ships and Boats’ by H. Doe

By Michael Leek, published December 2020


Having worked with both the late Dr Ewan Corlett and Richard Goold-Adams on the SS Great Britain during her restoration, including a paper for this journal on the ship’s original rig, this reviewer awaits with keen anticipation any new study that highlights the achievements of one of Britain’s finest civil engineers. However, this brief illustrated paperback book is clearly intended as a guide for tourists, families and casual readers visiting the renovated and restored SS Great Britain in Bristol, and offers little by way of new material about Brunel and his ships. That said, the quality of reproduction is excellent, which means most of the illustrations; the vast majority of which have been published numerous times before reproduce well…

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Filed under: Popular Topics
Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration

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