Book Review – ‘‘C’ Class Destroyers’ by David Hobbs

By John A. Rodgaard, published November 2020


Commander Hobbs’s latest work is about the Royal Navy’s last mass-produced class of destroyers built toward the end of the Second World War and through the immediate postwar years. They were collectively known as the C class destroyers. Thirty-two ships of the class were built, and they were divided into four groups. They represented the last batch of destroyers designed and built under the ‘Emergency Flotilla’ Programme of which a total number of 96 destroyers were built – the ist to the 15th Emergency Flotillas. The destroyers of the C class were the 1st through the 15th flotillas with eight ships per flotilla….

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Filed under: Interwar | WW2 | Post WW2
Subjects include: Navies | Shipbuilding & Design

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