Book Review-‘Captain James Cook and the Search for Antarctica’ by J. C. Hamilton

By Frank Scott, published May 2021


James Cook Hamilton is a long-standing member of the Captain Cook Society, has published regularly in their journal and has made great use of the online Colonial Registers and Royal Navy Logbooks resource (CORRAL) to inspire this work. The voyages of Captain James Cook have generated a mountain of work, so any new author must seek to offer something new, and here it is attempted by concentrating on Cook’s work in the Antarctic region. Although Cook’s second voyage is the one most associated with Antarctica, because it is the one in which he crossed the Antarctic circle and achieved the first circumnavigation of the continent that he never actually saw, Hamilton also brings into play both his other voyages. Moreover, for Hamilton the terms ‘Antarctica’, ‘Southern Continent’ and ‘Terra Australis Incognita’ are all interchangeable…

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Filed under: James Cook | Other (Eighteenth C) | Antarctic
Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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