Book Review-‘Castaways of the Kriegsmarine’ by D. Nudd

By Innes McCartney, published December 2020


This book examines the survivors of five vessels of the Kriegsmarine as the British shifted them through the interrogation process after capture. All were sunk in late 1943 and early 1944, a period of intense activity for the naval team at Combined Services Detailed Intelligence Centre (CSDIC).

Whereas the use of stool pigeons, secret recordings and the psychological tricks of the trade used by the interrogators have been described by others, such as Sonke Neitzel (Tapping Hitler’s Generals) and Helen Fry (The London Cage, The M Room); this book takes a narrower approach. It looks specifically at a small number of prisoners captured at a significant turning point in the war at sea and uses them as exemplars to help describe the interrogation processes used by the naval team at the time…

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Filed under: WW2
Subjects include: Biography | Manpower & Life at Sea

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