Book Review – ‘Churchill and Fisher: Titans at the Admiralty’ by Thomas Malcomson

By Thomas Malcomson, published January 2021


Barry Gough’s latest book delves deeply into the dynamic and rollercoaster relationship between Sir Winston Churchill and Admiral Lord ‘Jacky’ Fisher, from the years leading up to and through the First World War. Gough’s goal is to present a thorough accounting of the British navy’s preparation for and endeavours during that conflict, without the ‘preference to tell Winston’s or Jacky’s story’ (p. xiii). This intent is fully realized in ‘a no holds barred’ analysis of the events and people involved in shaping the British navy from 1901 to 1918 …

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Filed under: WW1 | Twentieth Century
Subjects include: Administration | Biography | Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy

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