Book Review-‘Decision in the Atlantic: The Allies and the longest campaign of the Second World War’ by M. Faulkner and C. M. Bell (eds)

By David Bowen, published October 2020


In the opening words of the editors, the book ‘seeks to highlight the complexity of the Battle of the Atlantic by reassessing its place within Allied grand strategy and by examining some of its lesser-known aspects. While the general narrative of the campaign and many of its facets are well known, much remains to be addressed.’ What follows amply delivers this bold ambition and further inspires and energizes and surprises the reader.

It is a compilation of intriguing and punchy articles from a select band of eminent contributors, two of whom are the editors. To read this book is the nearest thing to spending a captivating week receiving the distilled wisdom and learning of an extraordinary assembly of fluent technical specialists, top-drawer academics and historians as they boldly scrutinize and reveal new facts or interpretations of this most crucial of military campaigns. On reading this book, even the most well-read will renew their fascination, reconsider their understanding and be stimulated to explore afresh…

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Filed under: Atlantic | WW2
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics

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