Book Review-‘Destroyer ‘Cossack’: Detailed in the original builders’ plans by J. Roberts’

By Michael Leek, published November 2021


Since reviewing the first book in this excellent series (Mariner’s Mirror 105:1, 2019) the collection has grown to eight volumes, including one on the German battleship Helgoland (1908– 22). Comments and observations regarding the preparation and production of ‘as fitted’ drawings made in the review cited, particularly for warships built for the Royal Navy (RN), are equally relevant to the volume under review here, so will not be repeated. The same applies to comments previously made about the potentially misleading subtitle.

HMS Cossack (F03) is the first RN destroyer to be featured in the series. She was a Tribal class destroyer, laid down in June 1936, launched in June 1937 and commissioned in June 1938. Nothing unusual in this timescale for a destroyer built before 1945. However, compared to, for example, a modern Type 45 destroyer like HMS Daring (D32) which took over six years from the first cutting of steel to her commissioning, the timescale seems remarkable, even allowing for the fact that modern warships are far more complex.

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Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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