Book Review-‘Dunkirk and the Little Ships’ by P. Weir,

By Duncan Conners, published August 2021


The Little Ships of the evacuation of Dunkirk are firmly etched into the common folk lore surrounding the events of the Second World War. Requisitioned by the Royal Navy via the Ministry of Shipping, a series of workboats, fishing boats, small pleasure cruisers and leisure steamers were taken (mostly with the owner’s permission, sometimes without) from along the Thames and the South Coast of England to an assembly point in Ramsgate, where they sailed to Dunkirk to ferry troops between the larger ships of the Royal and Merchant navy that would then sail back to Dover using the three ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ routes. This story has been repeated in many historical texts as well as on the small and big screens, but Weir’s Dunkirk and the Little Ships has added an extra layer of detail about the variety of vessels requisitioned by the Royal Navy for Operation Dynamo…

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