Book Review – ‘Empires on the Waterfront: Japan’s ports and power, 1858–1899’ by Ian Nish

By Ian Nish, published October 2020


Dr Phipps gives us a well-researched monograph on a subject which has been much neglected in western literature and frequently misunderstood. Using a wide range of Japanese newspapers, both national and local, and British and Japanese archives, she has provided insights into the mysteries of Japanese government trading policy and locally into the ambitions of Japanese transporters, shippers and regional politicians.

Phipps is to be congratulated for her research and for introducing those working on the 1890s to some new materials and insights. For the general reader, it is a nicely crafted volume and will give pause for thought to those who have to deal with the effect on communities of rapid political and economic change …

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Filed under: Pacific
Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards | Merchant Marines | Miscellaneous | Strategy & Diplomacy

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