Book Review-‘Fighting the Great War at Sea: Strategy, tactics and technology’ by N. Friedman

By Steve Cobb, published October 2020


Readers with an interest in modern naval history will know of Friedman’s authorship of over 30 books, notably an eight-volume series on the design and development of US warship types, Fifty-Year War: Conflict and strategy in the Cold War (1999), and Network-centric Warfare: How navies learned to fight smarter through three World Wars (2009).

Fighting the Great War at Sea is a very well-produced book, lavishly illustrated with a wealth of good photographs and substantial, informative captions. There are 16 chapters: Maritime War; Resources; Expectations versus Reality; the Naval Chessboard (i.e. the North Sea); Capital Ships; the Fleets; Battle; Blockade, Trade Warfare and Economic Attack; Inshore Operations and an Inshore Fleet; Submarines; Protecting Trade (The U-boat War); Anti-Submarine Warfare (Tactics and Technology); and Mine Warfare; concluding with a chapter on ‘Lessons for the Future’…

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Filed under: WW1
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy | Submarines | Weapons

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