Book Review – ‘French Warships in the Age of Sail 1786–1861: Design, construction, careers and fates’ by Ron Brand

By Ron Brand, published November 2020


This book on the French sailing navy is the latest volume in the Age of Sail series. Examining warships from the period 1786–1861, it can be read independently, but also in combination with other parts of the series – for example the several volumes by Rif Winfield on British sailing warships in the periods 1603–1714, 1714–92, 1793–1817 and 1817–63, an overview by John Tredrea and Eduard Sozaev of the Russian warships from 1696–1860 and a volume on Dutch warships from the period 1600–1714 by James Bender.

Author Rif Winfield has a lifetime’s expertise of the sailing warship. He is a specialist in British sailing warships and has written a number of highly regarded books on the sailing navy. In this project on the French warships from the period 1786–1861 Winfield found his brother in arms in Stephen Roberts, who is a leading American authority on French warships, and those of the nineteenth century in particular.

French Warships in the Age of Sail, 1786– 1861 provides a guide to every known named vessel which served in or was ordered for the French navy between the start of 1786 and 1861 …

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Filed under: Napoleonic War | Eighteenth Century | French Revolution | Nineteenth Century
Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Navies | Shipbuilding & Design

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