Book Review-‘Heroes of Coastal Command: The RAF’s maritime war 1939–1945’ by A. D. Bird

By W.J.R.Gardner, published October 2020


The Second World War is rightly seen as a complex matter involving many nations on both sides and multiple theatres from Japan via Europe, Asia and Africa and over to America. The war at sea underpinned virtually all these activities. The interconnectedness of the three main types of warfare is something that became more evident in this conflict than hitherto. This was rarely clearer than in the case of the Royal Airforce’s maritime operations. In an entirely unusual arrangement the RAF’s Coastal Command was placed under the operational control of the Admiralty, an enlightened measure and, most importantly, a pragmatic one. The aircraft, nevertheless, were entirely crewed and supported by RAF personnel, although as this book makes clear not all of these were British. Coastal Command was supported by a significant number of Commonwealth airmen, as well as those from other nations. One chapter is devoted to a Frenchman from Morocco…

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Filed under: WW2
Subjects include: Naval Aviation

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