Book Review – ‘High Seas Buffer: The Taiwan Patrol Force, 1950–1979’ by Bruce A. Elleman

By James Goldrick, published October 2020


This study casts light on a significant and long standing naval commitment by the United States to ensure the survival of Taiwan as a political entity separate from mainland China. The presence and occasional interventions of USN units, as well as the training that they provided to the Nationalist Chinese Navy – and the reassurance their presence represented for the population – were important, if not vital elements in the effort to protect the Nationalist regime’s last bastion, particularly in the years immediately after the Communist victory on the mainland. High Seas Buffer provides a valuable insight into an important element of US maritime strategy in the Far East, one that, despite the passage of more than 60 years, remains a factor in the naval balance in the region, but whose origins and mechanics are not well understood….

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Filed under: Post WW2 | Twentieth Century
Subjects include: Lifesaving & Coastguard | Miscellaneous | Navies

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