Book Review – ‘HMS Trincomalee: Frigate 1817’ by Nicholas Tracy

By Nicholas Tracy, published October 2020


Seaforth has produced a series of richly illustrated magazine-quality soft-cover quarto books about single historic ships. The latest showcases the teak-built frigate Trincomalee, constructed in the Bombay yard of the East India Company by Master Builder Jamsetjee Bomanjee Wadia, and floated out of the dock in 1817. The text by Wyn Davies includes chapters on wooden shipbuilding, Trincomalee’s service life, her service as a training ship, and her restoration. Max Mudie’s superb photography supplies general views of both the exterior and the interior, and also highly detailed photography of fittings and rigging. As usual in such books, the detailed captions to the pictures are as important as the main text. Trincomalee’s active service in the Royal Navy was limited, not being commissioned until 1847, 30 years after completion, and she was transformed into a training ship in 1860. She is now lying afloat in a dock at Hartlepool, Yorkshire, and open to the public. This book is both an excellent guide to those who can make the visit, and presentation of the ship to those who cannot …

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Filed under: North Sea | Indian Ocean
Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Navies | Shipbuilding & Design

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