Book Review-‘How Carriers Fought: Carrier operations in WWII’ by L. Celander

By Ben Jones, published December 2020


The key objective of this book is to present an understanding of how carrier battles were conducted during the Second World War. By the author’s admission, it is written ‘from the perspective of a commander, a tactician, a system’s engineer or an analyst, not a traditional historian’. (p.vii). In what sets the scene for this work, having not found a book on the topic, the author says that he started digging round on the Internet. Therefore, this book is not for an audience that expects reliable evidence to be used in a proper way. There is a bibliography with original documents, books, articles etc. However, it is not apparent how these have been employed since there are no footnotes. There is a reference to the information in one of the tables, which is (p.228). The author provides a section of ‘Notes on Sources’ which in parts is damning; by the author’s admission his sources for the issue of armoured flight decks were, armoured and Wikipedia…

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Filed under: WW2
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Naval Aviation

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