Book Review-‘Human Spatial Navigation’ by A. D. Ekstrom,H. J. Spiers, V. D. Bohbot, and R. S.Rosenbaum

By Lawrrence Rosen, published December 2020


How good are you at navigating? Not with a compass or sextant, but just with your own sense of direction and clues from your surround. Do we, like many other animal species – whether as a dominant trait in some individuals or as a vestigial whisper in others – have an innate directional finder that helps guide us? And what can the accounts of famous voyagers or laboratory studies, particularly those using modern brain-scanning techniques, tell us about how we find our way?

The authors of the present volume, psychologists and neuroscientists, bring together in one unique volume the findings of their disciplines in a comprehensive and readable form. In addition to approaching their subject through the navigational cultures of the South Pacific and Arctic, the insights gained from those whose cognitive abilities have been impaired by brain injury or old age, and experiments performed with virtual reality games, the authors consider how memory and visual clues, alternative ways of imaging ourselves in space, and modes of integrating complex information combine to make orientation possible…

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Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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