Book Review: ‘La Inteligencia en las Operaciones Navales de 1898: Consecuencias de una estrategia improvisada’ by J. Escrigas Rodríguez

By Augusto Conte, published February 2023


This is the first book published from the Spanish side on the Intelligence operations of the Spanish–American War of 1898. To date, there have been works from the North American side, but none quite like that by Juan Escrigas, a sailor and a historian. Captain Escrigas is also a corresponding academic at the Academy of Cuban History.

Few stories have sufficiently explored the Spanish perspective in examining the unbridled military adventurism which characterized American strategy in anticipation of the Spanish–American War. Given the historical legacies, Escrigas has used previously untapped documentary sources to produce a truly first-rate study providing a completely fresh assessment of the Spanish-American War of 1898…

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