Book Review-‘Maritime Wales in the Middle Ages: 1039–1542’ by K. Lloyd Gruffydd, ed. M. D. Matthews

By J.D.Davies, published November 2020


The circumstances surrounding the publication of this book are remarkably poignant. The life’s work of Ken Lloyd Gruffydd was centred on the maritime history of medieval Wales; he contributed many articles on the subject to Cymru a’r Môr / Maritime Wales, a journal which deserves to be much better known outside the principality, and these provided the basis for several of the themes explored in this book. In 2005 he also became a cofounder, with Robin Evans, of MOROL, the Institute of Welsh Maritime Studies. As Ken’s magnum opus approached completion, Robin wrote a foreword for it. But then, in 2014, Robin died unexpectedly, followed on New Year’s Day 2015 by Ken. This book was therefore seen through the press by Mark Matthews, the current chairman of MOROL, and serves as a posthumous tribute to both Robin and Ken. The tragic loss in such short order of two of Wales’ most eminent maritime historians has hit the nation’s research community very hard, but the appearance of this outstanding work goes at least a very little way towards ameliorating the sense of loss…

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Filed under: Early Middle Ages | Late Middle Ages | High Middle Ages
Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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