Book Review – ‘Mit Kurs auf Charleston, S.C.: Kapitän Heinrich Wieting und die deutsche Auswanderung nach South Carolina im 19. Jahrhundert’ by Andrea Mehrländer

By Michael Leek, published October 2020


There is an apparent tendency or trend for some national museums to focus less on their role as centres for the understanding of history, culture and knowledge, but increasingly on catering for generations with limited attention spans. This is often reflected in what is sold through museum shops, with the lowest common denominator prevailing; an investment predominately catering to the superficiality of tourist interests with third-rate, populist publications – the result of a real or perceived need by museum management to generate ‘income’ at the expense of learning. It is therefore to the credit of the relatively small Deutsche Schiffahrtsmuseum in Bremerhaven, north-west Germany, that they should consider it of importance to publish a series of soundly researched academic studies on various aspects of German maritime history. Furthermore, the quality of the fully referenced academic research does not impede on the readability of these studies….

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Filed under: Atlantic | Nineteenth Century
Subjects include: Ocean Liners & Passenger Craft

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