Book Review-‘Mr Midshipman VC: The short accident-prone life of George Drewry, Gallipoli hero’ by Q. Falk

By Alastair Wilson, published December 2020


I must be getting old. It took two days for the penny to drop, before I ‘twigged’ the derivation of the title, connecting it to Marryat’s immortal midshipman. This is not an academic biography. Rather it is more like one of those boy’s books, by G.A. Henty or Percy F. Westerman, which encouraged all right-minded lads to go out into a world that was full of adventures in the furtherance of the British Empire (on which the sun never set). Considering that George Drewry was a product of just that age (which may be put at 1890–1950), this is hardly surprising…

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Filed under: WW1
Subjects include: Biography

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