Book Review – ‘Naval Anti-Aircraft Guns and Gunnery’ by Eric Grove

By Eric Grove, published October 2020


Seaforth and Norman Friedman have together once more produced a highly significant contribution to the technical history of twentieth-century naval warfare. This book complements Friedman’s study of surface gunnery with an analysis of anti-aircraft gunnery and its related fire control systems. As usual, the study is a comprehensive account of how technology related to policy and doctrine and it reflects a massive amount of research in British and American archives. There is also an excellent additional chapter on ‘the evolving threat’ of aircraft that could not be bettered as an informed summary of an air threat that was developing in revolutionary ways as aircraft design and performance were transformed. The main text is accompanied by some excellent illustrations whose extended captions form a book in themselves. Finally there are 68 pages of notes that, in typical Friedman manner, are both source notes and significant additions to the overall account …

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Subjects include: Naval Aviation | Navies | Weapons

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